What I Am Doing Now

This story is written like the words in the picture found here https://xkcd.com/1133/ using the ten hundred words people use the most often.

I have moved to the low area of land in the center of the state where gold was found. I teach at Center Low Land God-fearing High School. I teach my students how to read, write, and tell their ideas well. We look at many written things and talk about them. My students are in year ten or two years later.

In year ten, they learn about stories from this country. We began the year studying how to write so that people agree with you. Then we read two stories. The first was a short book about people who were owned by other people, and then were sold to even yet other people. But the owned people were sad because they never got to see their families again. In this story, there is heavy rain. A person in the story says this rain is God’s tears, because he is sad that the owned people have hard lives.

The second story the students in year ten read was about a boy who runs away. Many people know this story. It comes after another story about a boy who makes painting a gate white look fun. Both these stories are written by the same person, who doesn’t use his real name. In our story, the boy runs away with an owned person. Together, they meet many different kinds of people, pretend a lot, and become friends. My year ten students want very much to learn. Today we had a big talk about all the stories we have read so far.

The students two years later are studying written things from a country that our country came from. It is a small country. If you want to go there, you have to travel over lots of water that is not for drinking. Written things from this country that we studied so far were stories about strong men who lead. One of them fights very bad creatures (this is a very old story). Another is a leader who pulls a long knife out of a rock (many people know this story, and it comes in many different kinds). We also read about a group of people who tell each other stories as they walk to a special place.

After those stories, we began a block of studying about the time six to four hundred years ago when people changed the way they think. We looked at a strong woman leader who had no children. Now we are studying a man who wrote a lot. We are in the middle of a play about a small country next to the country across the water. It is bad to say this play’s name if you are pretending on stage. There is a lot of killing in this play. It is very sad.

The notes from the talk when we started the sad play

The notes from the talk when we started the sad play.

The girl I am living with is a nurse. She works with young babies who need a lot of help. We get along well and she is very nice. The man she goes out to eat food with is loud. He works with big black and white animals that smell very bad and make the water that is good for your bones. He is also very nice.

I have not found a church yet, but I am still looking. I often return home to my parents’ house, and get to see family and friends there.

Finally, I received a phone call from my grandmother’s sister today. We eat together sometimes, and are going to dinner in two days. She said that the hair on my younger brother’s face makes him look old in a nice way.


New Year + New Room + New Subject = New Title Needed

If you read the heading on this post, you’ve figured out that I’m at a new school. I’ve been warmly welcomed by the community here. This is the welcome gift I received from my mentor teacher / department head.


If you know me, you know that she and I will get along very well.

In this new school, I’ll be teaching English. So, the title Arithmecats isn’t quite fitting. Anglocats is the best alternative I’ve got so far.

I welcome suggestions.

Marriage to Sauron

My roommate, Kitchen, seeks to marry the Dark Lord Sauron.

Remember her?

Remember her?

Guess you could say he’s had his eye on her.

Apparently it will be Princess Bride themed. I’ve already begun planning the ceremony.

Read this in his voice.

Mawwiage. Mawwiage is wat bwings us togevah today. Mawwiage, dat bwessed awwangement. That dweam wivin a dweam.

…Have you tha wing?

One wing to wule dem all, one wing to find dem.

One wing to bwing dem all and in tha dawkness, bind dem.

Two weeks left!

I have ten days of student teaching left. All that’s left is to finish this week: Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Next week is Thanksgiving, so we have two days of school: Monday, and Tuesday.

Then, it’s my last week of teaching. After those 5 days, I’m done.

On a day-by-day basis, the days seem to pass slowly. However, looking back, it all flew by. Yay clichés.

Yay ten days.

Twenny wan.

My students are obsessed with the number 21. Whenever I mention it, a chorus of twelve-year-old voices rings out, “Twenny wan.”

Sometimes I’ll ask them if they have any questions. Without fail, they’ll say, “What’s 9 + 10?” and they expect the answer to be 21.

Why? This is not because I am a failure of a math teacher. They say so because of the following vine:

Every day. Twenny wan.

They doodle it all over their quizzes and tests: 9 + 10 = 21.

It’s on their notes: 9 + 10 = 21.

They sneak in and write it on the board: 9 + 10 = 21.

Twenny wan.