Costume Ideas

First, let me apologize for the delay in posting. I hope to make up with it by posting artwork from my students.

At the beginning of every class, we have a mini-quiz on the previous day’s material. The purpose of these mini-quizzes is twofold: to keep students accountable for their learning, and to assess how well I am covering the material. These quizzes should take no more than ten minutes.

If the students have extra time, I encourage them to draw a picture on the back as they wait for their classmates to finish up. For one quiz, I asked my students to draw Halloween costume ideas for me.

So, without further ado, here are the winners of the What-should-Ms-V-dress-up-as-for-Halloween contest:

Afro Person

You should be a person with a big afro and a beard!

…where did they get that idea?

Beauty Pageant

Beauty Pagaent Winner

*Her spelling, not mine.


This is the weirdest llama I’ve ever seen. And I’ve been to Peru.

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I’m Turning into my Mother

The more time I spend in charge of children, the more I turn into my mother. I find I emulate her management strategies, speech patterns, and overall mannerisms. When we were kids, she would allow my siblings and me to watch TV, but only after our chores are done. She would also use this as a threat: the longer we doddle getting our work done, the less time we would have for the fun stuff. Similarly, I allow students time to work on their assignment in class, but the more they mess around during the lecture, the less time they’ll have.

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Our Backyard

One Sunday night last month, I heard a huge crash in our backyard, like the sound of a tree falling.

Turns out, I was right. It was actually the sound of a tree falling.

A tree fell in the woods, and I heard it. So it made a sound.

In addition, it made a huge mess in our backard:

0907141227 0907141227a 0907141227b 0907141226

Luckily, since this happened at around 2am, no one was hurt. Except the poor peach tree, which was smashed into tiny bits and is no longer recognizable.

Now, we everything’s cleaned up and we have a ton of firewood.

Fall is [Actually] Here!

With temperatures in the 40’s, leaves turning color, and rain up the wazoo (it hailed a bit, too), fall has finally come. I went apple-picking again this weekend. Here’s a comparison with last week:

0927141351d 1005141612

Notice: there’s a lot less sun, a lot less clouds, and a lot more sleeves.

The trees in front of school had their leaves turn yellow last weekend. I told myself to get a picture on Monday, but a storm rolled in and knocked a bunch of the leaves off already.


Conclusion: Fall is actually here.

Fall is [Technically] Here!

According to the calendar, autumn is upon us. However, according to the weather, we’ve returned to summer. The leaves are starting to turn, but it’s still in the upper 70s.

The tree in my backyard is starting to change colors! I'll post more updates if I remember.

The tree in my backyard is starting to change colors! I’ll post more updates if I remember.

To celebrate the start of fall, my roommates and I went apple-picking. This is my fourth fall in the state of Michigan, and I have never been apple-picking. So here’s the documentation of that adventure.

We went to Robinette’s, about 3/4 of a mile from our house.

Apparently they also have peaches. But we were there for the apples.

Apparently they also have peaches. But we were there for the apples.

There were apples all over the place:

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